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- Wax
- sterling silver casting 
- Inlay Channel - 3mm
- Weight - 21.7 grams 
- All natural Stones: Chinese Turquoise, New Landers, Hubie Turquoise, Black Onyx, Red Coral, Kingman Turquoise, Lone Mountain Turquoise
-  Diamonds - (6) 1.5 - 2mm Natural Black Diamonds
“lost wax” technique is called this because the wax model is destroyed in order to create the piece. This technique is sometimes called the “lost mold” technique because the mold, too, is destroyed in the process. I hand cut the ring shank out of a wax tube to my desired width. Then sand both sides to a smooth even finish. The center of the ring is shaped using a Ring Tube Sizer. I use my hand files and scalpel blade to make the channel for inlay. The casting is a process of flask and pour method. Once both components of the ring are casted they are ready to be inlaid.
 For the lapidary aspect I picked out the finest and most interesting turquoise and red coral. The stones are ready to be laid out to begin the construction of the Night Sky ring. I use a 2 part adhesive called Epoxy. With this adhesive I begin placing all the stones that I cut to bring out their beauty. I have to do the inlay in sections. I begin to place the stones side by side, This process is slow to make sure every piece that is placed fits the way I want and give time for the epoxy to dry. Using my Genie machine to a flush finish. Once all the stones were flush to maximum smoothness. I used the gem setting hammer on my jewelers Dermal to secure the black diamonds in there place

The process from start to finish took about 1 month

Night Sky


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