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Harold Stevens, Jr.


Birth : June 9th 1975

Nation: Navajo

Born of the

Red Running into the Water Clan

Birth place: Bread Springs, NM

Gallup High School  class of 94

College: UNM Gallup Branch- Gallup,NM

Father: Harold Stevens Sr.

Mother: Linda Stevens

Great, great Grandson of

Silver Smith Ambrose Roanhorse (Pictured below)








Harold has been evolving his lapidary skills for the past 20 + years.

His lapidary jewelry is well known in the jewelry world. 

A young Harold started his jewelry career at the age of 19. 


Harold Stevens is the owner of the business

FatherSky MotherEarth for the past 4 years.

Navajo Handmade Contemporary Fashionable Jewelry. 

Started with B.G. Mudd, Ltd.

2014 IACA Best Of Category in Lapidary Jewelry.

Specializing in Genuine Australian Opal.

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